What is a Spiritual Life?

Sep 13, 2017

All this talk about "spirituality" and a "spiritual life" but what is it really?

Regardless of which story you subscribe to about how we got here, something created us. Even biology and science were created by something—those are simply words or labels humans made up to describe something. Whatever created us, I call The Mystery in my writing and coaching. My experience is that It created us with the ability to invite It into our lives, ignore It (agnosticism), or resist It (atheism). Neither is bad or good, right or wrong. Instead, It’s a choice. Effectively, each of us gets to make a decision about what we believe. This is the paradox of spirituality and free will! 

When I was unaware of The Mystery, ignored It, or resisted It, life was unmanageable (full of unconsciousness thoughts, selfishness, anxiety, stress, and coping mechanisms). It has also been my experience that when I begin each day praying, “Mother/Father/Spirit/Mystery, please help me to set aside everything I think I know and fill me with knowledge of your will for me and the power to carry it out,” and then listen to my thoughts, I can trust them to guide me toward a spiritual experience. Then every night, as I look over my shoulder at my real life and the day behind me, I see that I was free from those previous burdens. I was honest, deliberate, did my best, and I experienced authentic high self-esteem. This is the physiology of a spiritual life—it includes our behavioral lives and affects our mental and emotional health too!

So what is a "spiritual life" you ask?

Your spiritual life is...very simply...your life after you invite the Mystery into your day, listen to your thoughts for direction, and then take action. It doesn't mean it always feels good emotionally or that you'll always have lots of money and people telling you how special you are. However, when practiced everyday your life is a spiritual life. Your spiritual life is something you will experience rather than understand intellectually. If you struggle to put it into words, or when you do people don't seem to understand, you're on the right track! Access to it is an inalienable part of being human. However, I also believe that is only activated through your choice and your invitation to It. 



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