Awareness with a capital "A"

Sep 16, 2017

Anytime you see me capitalize the word Awareness I'm referring to something more valuable than knowledge, education, money, power, or even love. Awareness consciousness, and your experience of it, is the purpose of my work with you. It is not self-awareness, which you probably have some experience with if you've found this site, however it generally builds on the ability to see yourself from outside yourself. You may have that perspective following therapy, various self-help books and programs, or experiencing a traumatic experience. Or you may have found this site once you discovered that having a great career, family, and even physical health, left you asking "is this all there is?"


Awareness, as I use the word, is your highest level of consciousness. It is your single key to solve your problems and source your happiness. It has nothing to do with your formal education and even if you're a spiritual seeker, your seeking may or may not lead you to it. It cannot be bought and it's invaluable. 


Awareness is the experience of your conscious mind working in conjunction with your subconscious mind working with your super conscious. I've heard it called your supra conscious before, meaning all levels of you are working together. 


When you live with Awareness, you are effectively operating both as the individual human you've always known  yourself to be and as a piece of infinite Oneness. 


Life with Awareness continues to give you every opportunity for satisfactions like professional success, financial security, loving relationships, fun and excitement. But it also incorporates an experience of purposefulness limited to those with Awareness. 


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